1. Search your wished product in the Search Ads, which near to you (e.g., mobile, car, etc). You should search with the most exact description of your desired product.(e.g. Ford F-150 Raptor instead of just Ford).

Write your location

  • Make sure to enter your correct state, city, district, so that the buyer and customer can meet at right place which is convenient to both. If the buyer is in any other state or region, it may make your purchase much more difficult.  


  1. Properly see the description of the available products. Read the details and view the pictures carefully; make sure that the product you’re considering meets your needs and price is fairly negotiable.


  • On the left hand side, there are some filters of price range you can select to make your search easier and quicker.


  1. Contact the seller.If you find an item you’re interested in, contact the seller throught whatsapp or mail using the details provided. You can then organize a meeting so that you can check the item and decide if it suits for your needs. It’s a good idea to meet in public and be aware that some sellers might to sell defective products. Check each products you purchase and then do transactions.
  2. Check your product. Once you get your product, carefully check it and all its components is working. Take the product when you are fully satisfied with the condition of the product.